What is Your Health and Fitness Commitment?

By Josh Hromis So…. we are well into the New Year with time disappearing and quickly, summer had faded and winter is on it’s way. Your goals that were so clear at the start of the year have started to blur. That little voice in the back of your head that is telling you that it is all to hard. I don’t know how I am going to achieve my goals by the time I said I would. I can not concentrate on my fitness and health at the moment because work is to busy. Excuse after, after excuse, after excuse. What is the cost?? Really stop for a moment and think about what not achieving your goals could be doing to you. How could it be affecting you life, your view of the world and your commitment to the other important things in that world.  So let’s reinvigorate what we started when we came back to training after the break at Christmas. Let’s get on back on track with our commitment to our health and fitness. Commitment being our word and what we said we are going to do this year for ourselves. If you made a commitment to nutrition at the years dawning and that is what is letting you down with your goals, talk to your trainer about what is going on with it. Where you are getting stuck, they will support you. You made that commitment to your vitality to eat clean, lean and nutritious. So lets refresh that commitment to your nutrition, in the face of a hectic and stressful day. I want you to hold that commitment so dear to yourself, so that I becomes as important as brushing your teeth at night. If you made a commitment to training three times per week, make sure you do those 3 training sessions. If life comes up and takes one of those sessions away from you, don’t let it eat away at your commitment. Give your trainer a call and organize to make up that session that was missed. Why?? Because you said you would. I guarantee if you work this muscle like all the others at the gym, it will get so strong that reaching your health and fitness goal this year will be easy. So now that we are honoring our word and commitment to achieving our goals, what are they?.

As successful business people you invest time into your career goals. So why don’t we starting doing this with our health and fitness? What I want you to do right now is ask yourself the following questions and really think about the answer, really think. There is no right or wrong answer, and most importantly, nobody will be judging them. Choose one health and/or fitness goal that has eluded you, which you have made a commitment to in the past…. What is or has been holding you back from you achieving this commitment?….. What steps/strengths and skills will empower me to overcome this break in my commitment to myself 1. 2. 3. Finally, what actions can I create that will keep me to my commitment…. Action 1. Action 2. Action 3.  Don’t be fooled these 4 simple questions can be some of the hardest to answer. You may have no idea of what to do and be resigned to the fact that you have tried everything.

I am asking you to try again. Use that amazing resource which is your trainer and lets get it done.