The Golden Triangle – The Key for Long Term Success

By Dylan Willis You need only flick through the ‘health’ section of your local book store to realise that there is a lot of noise out there in the field of nutrition. The Atkins Diet. The Zone Diet. The Blood Type Diet. The Low GI Diet. I could go on and on. The fact is there are thousands of books on the market, and now with the introduction of social media the volume is just getting louder and louder. We ourselves have implemented nutritional programs over the past few years with some great success. Many of our clients have changed their lives through our BioSignature Program. But we are realists, for all the success stories we have, there are those who didn’t achieve the success they we’re looking for. For us, that is simply not good enough and we believe we have identified the reasons why. The truth is most programs will work for the right type of person and for a period of time. We felt we needed a program that has the potential to transform anyones life, not just those that can commit to a strict diet and supplement regime. We also needed a program that was sustainable. No gimmicks, simply paving the way for success for the rest of your lives. If we came across a program that didn’t meet this criteria then it had no place at Fitline. The reality is although we are health conscious people, we are not fanatics and understand the difficulties associated with implementing such programs. We firmly believe you can have your cake and eat it too! You only live once after all and life is for living. We now realise that we need a program that will work for all comers. Change is very hard and a strong environment for success must be created to turn long held intentions into lifetime habits. We now realise we need a program that doesn’t cut out entire food groups or the things you love. This does not promote long term success and almost always results in a rebound effect. A nutritional plan must be able to be maintained for life. We now realise that we need a program that has continuous support, resources and accountability. No more flying blind or going off track. Without doubt the core component of the ultimate body transformation program we will be bringing to Fitline: Metabolic Precision, and the reason we decided to certify our whole team on this unique program is based on such a remarkably simple yet profound concept: The Golden Triangle.   The truth is you should be able to critique any diet in under a minute regardless of your nutritional IQ. If a nutritional plan is worth its salt it must accomplish 3 things. The 3 points of the ‘Golden Triangle’ must be met for a program to stand the test of time and allow you to follow it for the rest of your life. Please allow me to introduce you to these 3 criteria’s and summarise why they are so important for long term success. 1. It must make you look better (improve body composition): Let’s face it, the majority of us regardless of what we may say are simply unhappy with the way we look. As mentioned earlier, any of the well known diets out there can help you achieve a better body composition. The problem is most are too hard to stick to in the long term and almost always result in a rebound effect. The rebound effect while disheartening for you, is even more severe on your poor old metabolism. Every time you stop and start a new diet you make it even harder the next time you get back on the horse. It becomes a vicious cycle. Must make you function better (improve energy): Now there is no point in looking like a million dollars if you simply cant function effectively. I will give you an example. In recent times I was in a seminar with a fellow health professional that was due for a photo shoot within days, he looked amazing. Unfortunately he wasted his hard earned money on this particular seminar as he simply could not keep his eyes open and had the concentration span reminiscent of a small child. The zero carb diet had affected his ability to function normally and all he could think about was his post photo shoot reward meal of burger and fries! Cutting out entire macronutrients is not the path to success. It may create changes in body composition in the short term but is not sustainable in the long run. 3. Must make you feel better (improve health): There is no point having the body of your dreams if it is affecting your health. If you are becoming sick, run down and frail due to cutting calories or lacking vital nutrients then it ultimately leads to time away from the gym, your place of work thus resulting in lost progress in all areas of your life. You have to stop for minute and assess how your food choices and or indoctrinated beliefs are affecting your long term health. You are no good to anyone, let alone yourself if you are a sick and tired individual. Too many people in the quest for body beautiful, neglect the bottom 2 points of the golden triangle. You are setting yourself up for failure if you think you can out smart the human body. It never lies and if you feel lethargic and your health is suffering then it must be listened to. Put your head in the sand and ignore the signals your body is sending you at your peril. The key focus with Metabolic Precision is carefully reconstructing the right metabolism. It really is the only way to create permanent change. So how do we do that? First we classify your metabolism then set a program based on your unique needs.  If you have a poor nutritional history or have a history of yo-yo dieting then it may take some time to re establish a healthy metabolism again. We will work through this process together. We then carefully match your nutrition with your exercise. Those of you that read my recent articles ‘muscle matters’ and ‘maximising the metabolic window’ will have learned that our key focus will be on building lean muscle mass and maximising your post exercise window of opportunity to give you the greatest ‘bang for buck’ fat burning response while at rest. Finally we guide you through the program on weekly basis, meeting with you every week contour your plan until you have reached your goal. Complete with a resource manual, cook bible and accountability charts we provide you with every possible chance for success. Guys, the reality is for some of you this process will take time and an unwavering commitment. It is impossible to out do many years, in some instances decades of poor food choices in only a few weeks. For others this may simply be the icing on the cake, the finishing touch to years of work in progress. Whatever your situation we strongly believe we have the program to get you to your destination. The final thought I want to leave you with is this….The truth is nutrition is never about food. Quite a strange statement I know but take a second to ponder this with me. Do you know right from wrong with regard to nutrition but continue with self destructive behaviours? Do you have the greatest of intentions only to lack the ability to turn them into ongoing habits? And do you throw in the towel time and time again because you haven’t created the best possible environment for success? Many of us have deep seeded beliefs that hold us back from achieving amazing things. It is our job to help you identify why this happens and help you reach a level of autonomy that yields long term success. Maybe the time has come to block out all the noise and finally start turning some of those long held intentions into habits? Maybe flying solo with your dietary habits is really not the answer? We have sifted through all the noise to implement a program we believe works in total harmony with our company mission statement ‘to change peoples lives’. Come September 17th when we launch this revolutionary program, Metabolic Precision, I hope you have made the decision to be the change you wish to see in your own life. Your body, your family and your friends will thank you for it.