Nadia Piazza

Since a young age, I’ve always been passionate about sport and any kind of physical activity. I’ve been playing several sports such as volleyball, tennis, swimming, soccer, pilates, from acrobatic tissue to hip-hop dancing competitions, and track & field. I’ve Got a diploma in Social Science, with knowledge in psychology and sociology but my passion about human movement and biomechanics led me to obtain a degree in sport science, health care and physical education.

Thanks to my studies I’m aware of the basics of the biology of movement and the adaptation of the physical exercise based on the type, intensity, and duration, age and level of the participant. I know the biomechanics of movement in order to correct posture and know the techniques and methods to measure and evaluate the effects of physical exercise.

During my studies I’ve been able to practice and improve my skills working as a track and field coach and working for a gym in Florence, the city where I come from.

Interested in improving my knowledge as a trainer I have chosen to complete a Personal training certification with the Elav Institute (one of the most recognized scientific institutes of human movement in Italy) and got my membership to the European fitness professionals register.

I specialise in functional training, weight loss, I’ve run lower-impact classes for elderly women and got a Virgin Active certification for group classes. I chose to come to Australia because of the great opportunities in terms of fitness and sport this country can offer. I’ve completed a certificate III and IV in fitness, and I’m registered with fitness Australia.

I love my job because it allows me to help people reach their body goals, transform into the best version of themselves physically and mentally. Through my knowledge and experience I can understand my client needs and create structured programs to let them obtain the results they look for.

At the moment I am completing the Poliquin personal training certification.