Jessica Solano

History and Background

Jess holds a Diploma in Graphic Design along with both an International Certification in Fitness Training and Nutrition (completed in the USA) and now both Certificate III and IV in fitness here in Australia.

Born in Costa Rica, in her younger years she worked office jobs and as a casino’s supervisor in Costa Rica (Central America). Jess then wanted to explore the world and have the opportunity of interacting with people of different cultures and continue developing her professional career. Having now had the privilege of traveling the world and living in different countries, she has accomplished part of that goal.

After many years of living overseas and recovering from a physical injury Jess started studying how to apply resistance training for physical rehabilitation relating to those with lower back problems. She got specialized in Strength Training and found her true passion in life, leading her to pursuit personal training as a career. Being a coach allows her to share with others her skills and knowledge, keep interacting with different cultures and continue working and traveling the world.
Professional Development and Experience

In 2011 Jess completed an International Fitness Certificate as Strength and Fitness Trainer with one of the best known North American Fitness Institutes, the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). Jess started working as a Personal Trainer in Asia which opened up a new world of opportunities and knowledge. Her certification focused on Strength Training, Biomechanics and Sport Nutrition.

Additionally, in 2013 Jess completed a Certificate of Level 1 & Level 2 in Resistance Performance Training back in Costa Rica. From there she focused on building her career in the Health Industry as a Fitness Coach. She developed her own personal training business, where she provided a tailored service for her clients, including Functional Resistance Training, Nutritional Coaching and a Healthy Mindset Approach to exercise and Weight-loss.

In 2017 Jess moved to Australia. In Australia Jess continued expanding her knowledge and work experience believing it critical to keep learning and building up new skills. In 2017 Jess completed Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness and Personal Training with FIT College Australia.

On top of her continual career development and international work experience Jess loves to keep updated with research and new information both in the Exercise and Nutrition Industry. She has been attending workshops, seminars and taking courses related to Flexible Dieting, Sport Nutrition Approach, Strength Training, Programming for General Population, Back Injuries and Exercise which has allowed her to lead her many clients to a healthier lifestyle.

Her global working experience has and continues to be focused on achieving her client’s goals, teaching and assisting them on how to start a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle and most importantly, how to maintain it for the long term.


Jess’s primary goal is to be able to make a positive impact on as many people’s lives as possible.