James Napier

History and Background

James competed in basketball for 12 years, having played high level representative basketball and also attending the Australian College of Basketball (ACB). With his time at the ACB James had the opportunity to be coached by some of the best strength and conditioning coaches in Australia, this also included a trip to America where James also got a taste for Strength and conditioning in a professional sporting environment. More recently James has taken up Brazillian Jiu jitsu and has a keen interest in seeing how weight training translates into mixed martial arts.
Education/Coaching Background

Early on James coached representative level basketball, his love for sport and athletic development moved him into undertaking an exercise science degree at Victoria university. During his time there he had access to the biggest sports biomechanics lab in the southern hemisphere, which is shared with the Western bulldogs. James also got a chance to be shown the finer details of resistance training by multiple ex-AFL strength and conditioning coaches.

I place a high level of importance on how my clients and prospective newcomers move. Making sure proper steps are taken before loading the client with a lot of weight is important for me so that the client is safe and can continue to train for the rest of their lives. I am quite holistic in my approach in the sense that working out in the gym is only one piece of the puzzle and other things like sleep, nutrition and adequate recovery are of the utmost importance.