Run Melbourne Wrap up

It started as a chilly morning as over 25,000 people toed the line.’Fun Runs’ are always interesting to watch, to notice all different shapes, sizes, fitness levels and ages that give it a red hot crack. It truly represents the fact that ANYONE CAN. Completing a fun run provides a huge sense of accomplishment regardless of the distance completed.  There is a huge sense of self efficacy and achievement for all. I want to congratulate many of our Fitliner’s for digging deep on July 15th, in more ways than one. Andrew took on his FIRST half marathon, absolutely blitzing it, which was a surprise to him, but not us, we knew there was a aerobic machine ready to be unleashed.

What is even more admirable is that Andrews wife Mary and 9 year old daughter were waiting eagerly at the finish line after completing the 3km run together. Trainers Holly and Katee went into the day with Personal Bests on the brain, Katee got a little excited and ran away from Holly, after ‘bonking’ she was looking around for her colleagues support but she was no where to be found. They came together again at the finish line, both with PB times under the belt… “Holly, where did you get to?” ” I stopped to save a life!” Holly stopped to help a runner who had collapsed, well done Holly. Check out Katee’s blog here Shannon Bennett went into the half marathon ‘underdone’ after lots of travel and work commitments, regardless of his commitments he made a commitment to toe the line.
He ran with purpose and finished in a very decent time, raising over $11,000 for Royal Melbourne Hospital.