Personal Training

Why Fitline?

Clients train with Fitline because we understand challenges and what it means to stay healthy with busy schedules, travel, stress, and of course family. How do we understand you may ask? Well we too work with busy schedules; we also have goals, systems, procedures and work as a team to ensure we are achieving results for our clients. Forget about the stereo typical trainer, we are real, we have families, we are healthy but not body builders and we are well travelled and educated.

“A Better Life”

is really what it’s all about and that means different things to different people. To most it means feeling better, looking better and functioning better in all areas of your life.

We understand that to improve all these things takes a focused approach and it’s not easy. Whatever your goals and aspirations our team of professional health coaches will be there every step of the way. Encouragement and motivation are the first steps to “A Better Life”.

Body Scan

Body scan uses ultrasound technology to measure body composition (muscle verses fat). Used in conjunction with traditional aerobic and body measurements, we measure where your journey starts and ends.