1on1 Personal Training

Here’s why Melbourne CBD is raving about us!

Stunning CBD studio with plenty of natural light and world-class equipment

This is not another “dungeon” or basement gym, this is a bright and well-equipped studio you will love spending time in.

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100% individualised programming and a dedicated coach to help you succeed

You’ll have your own custom made program to follow in each session and your coach will be giving you the exercises, correcting technique and making sure you do everything properly.

Personalised attention

You’ll work closely with your coach and they’ll constantly be watching and guiding you on the right technique. Even if you’re having an “off day” your coach will be able to help you adapt and overcome to ensure you still make progress when you feel otherwise.


Specialising in Rehab, Pregnancy and Post-Natal

Whether you’re an elite athlete, male or female, a dad or mum, pregnant, injured, in immense pain or just want to start training because you’ve heard how amazing it is, you’ll fit right in with our community.

Suitable for Male and Females, all ages, shapes and Sizes

Our 1on1 Personal Training sessions are tailored to you and your situation. So every one of our clients has their own individual program to follow. Whether you’re male or female and no matter what shape or size you are, you’ll find we cater to you and your situation. You’ll love it!


Private showers, lockers and free towel service

You don’t need to share a communal bathroom or put up with those awkward cubicle moments.  Each 1on1 Personal Training client can enjoy the privacy of their own spacious shower/bathroom, equipped with all the necessities as well as FREE towel service.

2on1 Personal Training

2 on 1 (60 minute) personal training is the perfect option for friends, family, or colleagues who want to share the journey towards better health and fitness.  This option works best for clients who are of a similar fitness level, and whose goals complement each other.



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