Meyers Place welcomes Haydn Dinsdale

Over the last couple of months, the Meyers place crew has been getting to know the latest addition to our team, 

Personal Trainer extraordinaire, Haydn ‘Dos’ Dinsdale. His energy, enthusiasm and passion for his job has been welcome and infectious, a breath of fresh air.

History and Background Over the years, Haydn has satisfied his appetite for excitement with numerous sports and activities. Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Athletics, Bouldering, Hiking, Snowboarding, Weightlifting and even competitive Dodgeball have all contributed to moulding the well-rounded sports person Haydn is today. Aside from physical activity, Haydn’s passions are music and travel. As a Trainer/Better Life Coach A trainer who practices what he preaches and knows what it takes to get results, Haydn will motivate and elevate you to a mentally and physically higher level. Naturally an affable and courteous person, you will always feel comfortable training with Haydn and will always leave the gym feeling better than when you arrived. A relaxed attitude is not to be confused with relaxed work ethic though. You will be taken to your limits as you work with Haydn to reach your maximum potential… and surpass it.