Introducing Fit Hit “Evening Vibe”

The Fit Hit Evening Vibe is a Restorative Yoga-Based movement session designed to complement busy lifestyles through physical and mental respite

while also providing sustenance to conditioning and resistance training with a practice aimed to improve mobility and active recovery all in one.

This 60min class consists of breathing work,  focused flexibility drills, basic alignment and components of the Controlled Strength Method – inversions,  arm balances, as well as bodyweight transitions, 

which are ideal to develop better range of movement,

overall structural balance and core strength.

Perfect for total beginners,  seasoned trainees and anyone wanting to experience the Controlled Strength method, optimise their range of motion, and enhance their overall vitality and energy levels.  Focusing on the deep opening of targeted muscles groups in a holistic manner further helps the body to release and free up tensions in targeted areas while aiding in overall muscle recovery.

This foundations class is designed to give participants a better understanding their own bodies both in the context of physical exercises as well as that of day-to-day Life,