Feb Fast Fitline Detox

The world has changed and we must change with it. This saying continues to resonate in my head. People often ask me why I believe so strongly in nutritional supplementation. More often than not I will answer with that very saying. Sure there has always been toxins in our environment. Such things as volcanic fumes and forest fires heavily polluted the ancient world and remain even today. Despite these natural toxins, we simply cannot deny the impact modern development has had on the health of our planet and as a result the health of humankind. Our rivers and oceans have been dumped with so much toxic waste that many fish are now too toxic to eat. Land once abundant with wildlife is now uninhabitable due to deforestation and non-fertile due to modern agricultural practices. Our fruits and vegetables are laden with so many pesticides, herbicides and fungicides that they are completely devoid of nutrients and the air we breathe so heavily compromised due to the thousands of pollutants that come with living in the industrialized world. I apologize for painting a picture of doom and gloom but that is the reality of the world we live in. The other harsh reality is that with the world population estimated to reach 9 billion by around the year 2050 and development showing no signs of slowing down the situation will not change any time soon. Does that mean we should all give up and live in a bubble? Certainly not, life is for living but we must adapt accordingly. The moral of the story surely has to be: The world has changed and we must change with it. Just as our planet can repair itself if allowed to rejuvenate so too can we heal ourselves if given the time and resources to do so. This brings me to the topic of today’s article and the theme for the month of February here at Fitline – detox. Do detoxes really work? Are they just a Hollywood fad? The answer to these questions is paradoxically yes and no.

Let me start by clarifying in the simplest terms what a detox really is. Essentially it is about eliminating intake of toxins whilst at the same time trying to excrete toxins from your body. Pretty simple right? The problem with most detox-in-a-box products you can buy over the counter is they do a great job of limiting toxin exposure but do little for the excretion of toxins from your body in a vital process known as phase 2 detoxification. During my years as a BioSignature consultant, assessing body composition and the internal health of many clients, it is simply amazing how many of them exhibit poor gut health and what is referred to as an estrogenic BioSignature. This is typically characterized by an elevated body fat reading at the hamstrings and quadriceps site and is prevalent in those with long term exposure to toxins and a poor ability to excrete them from their body. In fact toxicity is now acknowledged as one of the leading contributors to obesity and disease in today’s society and well as many hormone dependent cancers in both males and females. Some experts even believe that the effect toxins are having on the male reproductive system is the first sign of human extinction! That may be going too far but the epigenetic affect of toxin exposure over many generations has been studied closely and is without doubt something that humanity needs to be aware of. So what is required to run a detox successfully? Firstly can I qualify by saying that any short term, intensive detoxes are at times too much for the body to handle. It is for this reason, nutritional support is needed and a longer term maintenance approach is recommended. With ‘Feb Fast’ upon us and many of our clients choosing to eliminate alcohol for the month, we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to discuss how you can apply a more ‘holistic’ detox approach. The program we have put together is designed to accomplish 3 things…. 1. Heal the gut – Many people in todays society suffer from digestive issues such as leaky gut syndrome, a low level inflammatory response due to poor absorption and assimilation of foods. Using nutrient intervention we will help seal the intestinal lining to minimize potential allergens and other nasty toxins directly entering the blood stream, thus inhibiting the inflammatory response. 2. Support the Liver – Most detoxification (phase 1 and 2) takes place in the liver.

It is estimated the liver has to process some 10,000 toxins every day. Using nutrients we will balance phase 1 and phase 2 liver detoxification. An extremely important process not addressed in many detox programs. This can assist greatly in decreasing symptoms often associated with detox programs. 3. Create an alkaline environment – Phase 3 detoxification occurs in the kidneys. Using nutrients we will help create an alkaline environment to ensure adequate elimination of toxins through the urine. The more acidic your urine, the less chance of toxins being excreted thus remaining circulating in the body. Below is a great example of a good detoxification system and a poor one. Notice the end result – a compromised immune system leading to illness and disease.     To assist in your detox it is highly recommended that you eliminate the following… Wheat Dairy Caffeine* Alcohol Soy *Green tea is permissible as it is a great detoxifier Another great saying I like to use when consulting a client starting a detox is ‘if it didn’t run, swim, fly or isn’t a vegetable don’t eat it’! In other words, your plate should look like this…   As for things to include more of in your diet during a detox to assist in the process I would highly recommend the following…. Organic foods where possible Green cruciferous vegetables Green Tea Lime or lemon in your water In summary I am convinced now more than ever that most people should detox or cleanse their body at least twice a year to rid their bodies of long term toxin exposure. It is an unavoidable problem associated with life in the 21st century but with the right protocols we can minimize the effect from the environment and still lead a life full of vitality.