By Dylan Willis We’ve all heard the saying ‘you are what you eat?’ Well, that may have applied 500 years ago, but the world has changed. Most leading health experts agree that today we must revise the saying to ‘you are what you digest and assimilate!’ The food you eat and the supplements you take may be rendered useless if optimal levels of hydrochloric acid (HCl) are not present in your gut. This condition is called hypochloridria and it is becoming increasingly common, but it’s not normal. Hydrochloric acid, is naturally occurring in the body and it is vital that you have adequate levels of this underrated substance for optimal health. Put simply it breaks down the food you eat in order to allow the vital nutrients be utilised by your body. Furthermore, when at adequate levels it is also vital to break down and eliminate any toxic substances that enter the body such as pathogens and bad bacteria, particularly helicobacter pylori. The pharmaceutical companies make an estimated $ 7 billion a year from curing ‘your digestive disorders’ with antacids and other toxic substances. The most common issue treated by antacids are heartburn and reflux.

Typically acid reflux is thought be caused by too much stomach acid. This thought processes is potentially affecting the health of millions of people worldwide. It is now understood that if you treat acid reflux issues with common medications, you are merely masking the symptoms of the condition. In the process you decrease your body’s ability to kill the helicobacter bacteria potential making the problem worse! Other common symptoms of low stomach acid include gas, bloating, stomach cramps, foul smelling and poor quality stools. So what causes low stomach acid? Some common contributing factors include high processed food diets, sugar consumption and food sensitivities. However it seems that stress is the biggest cause. The relationship between stress and our digestive health is another article in itself. THE ACID TEST There is a simple and quick way to ascertain whether you have adequate stomach acid. This is the first thing we do as part of our BioSignature consultation. Take 1 Digestforce capsule mid way through your meal. Finish meal, wait 10 minutes. If you feel a warm sensation (similar to when you drink a hot cup of tea), you can stop the test. If you do not feel the warm sensation, repeat the test taking 2 capsules mid way through your next meal. Wait 10 minutes. Repeat this process increasing by 1 capsule at each meal until you feel the warm sensation. DO NOT EXCEED 7 CAPSULES. If you happen to feel the warm sensation at some point then decrease the dosage by 1 and continue at that dosage until you feel the warmth again. Continue in this fashion til you eventually feel the warmth on 1 capsule. If you get to 7 capsules on don’t feel a thing then you’re stomach acid levels are deficient you and must start a protocol to restore stomach acid to optimal levels. This process involves taking a betaine hydrochloric supplement. You need to take as many as you need to feel this warm sensation then gradually decrease the dosage by 1 capsule every time the warmth is felt. This process will gradually restore your Hydrochloric acid and help kill off the helicobacter bacteria in the process.

It will also help to alleviate other digestive issues. In my experience as a BioSignature practitioner, I have witnessed clients improve digestion, build muscle and start to shift stubborn weight by restoring stomach acid levels alone. Other benefits include better sleep and enhanced vitality.