Meyers Place

Fitline Meyers Place is an intimate studio, tucked above city bars and cafes in one of our most famous alleys. It is a very ‘Melbourne’ place to train, those in the know will find a personal and selective service. This is no ordinary gym – Meyers Place will let you slip out of the day to day, and into a space that is all about you, and your health and well being goals.

At Fitline Meyers Place you will find:

  • A unique professional approach from a team dedicated to your health and well being
  • Well educated team members who are focused on your success as an individual; through their own specialist coaching and training skills
  • A laid back and friendly space to enjoy training with your own personal trainer
  • A support team which will ensure every session is making a difference in your life, building a healthy body that will let you achieve all your life’s goals