Client Profile: Navid

Over the past 12 months, the folk at Fitline Meyers place have had the pleasure of witnessing an incredible metamorphosis. Our good friend Navid has shown an awe-inspiring amount of guts, dedication and determination to achieve his health/fitness goal. This is not your average weight-loss story, just as Navid is most certainly not your average guy! You see when Navid came to us over a year ago, he was feeling tired, unhealthy, and irritable with a body fat percentage of 30.1%. His goal was to lose weight and reduce body fat. As time went by, his training increased and the results of his hard work started to show, our friend Navid seemed to get addicted to training! Coincidentally, our first launch of Metabolic Precision happened around the time when Navid was really peaking with his training. In 3 months of training with us, Navid lost 7kg and 7% body fat. Navid entered his first 12 week Metabolic Precision program at 82.0kg 23.1% Body Fat, and set himself a rather unusual, but equally as far-reaching goal of becoming akin to a Calvin Klein underwear model… The first 12-week program was an absolute success! Navid seemed to be having the time of his life, healthier, fitter and happier than ever. The results of the first 12-week program are as follows: 74.4kg – That’s 7.6kg lost! 15.3% – That’s 7.8% lost! After his fantastic results from his first Metabolic Precision Program, Navid signed on for a second 12-week program. We were all thrilled that he had made the decision to stick with it and shred his way toward his goals (Calvin is still waiting ☺).  However, the universe had other plans. Navid injured his Achilles tendon and calf muscle following the first 12 week program, which set back his training. Rather than stopping, he continued to train focusing his upper body which was the only part he was able to train properly. Not long after, his trainer, Bec Donlan, made the big move to New York City. In the ensuing time Navid bounced between trainers, training schedules, and found himself gravitating towards unhelpful eating habits. Although things may have slipped a little, Navid never lost focus. Not for a second; he kept showing up for his sessions and making the most of every moment with the various trainers that were available. Now with his leg fully healed, and his full-time trainer (Fitline Rialto manager, Jamie Percival) enlisted, Navid is back in full-force, training 4 times per week and cycling on weekends.  We are extremely proud of your achievements so far, Navid. Even moreso, we are super impressed with your attitude and determination to stick to your goals in the face of setbacks and adversity. The next chapter is completely yours to write, mate. Keep doing what you’re doing and bringing your awesome energy with you. In admiration, Macgregor.