CARDIO that burns 3 times the FAT !

Would you like to burn three-times more body fat during exercise?

How about three-times burning more fat in half the time you usually spend exercising? Of course you would! We are going to teach you how to do it.

Recent studies show the type of aerobic exercise performed does affect fat metabolism. First of all, research shows that ICE (Intense Cardio Exercise) promotes higher utilization of fat in the hours after activity.

In particular, the ICE prescription of a structured approach to interval training appears to achieve up to three times greater fat burning capacity compared to regular cardio exercise.What is effective interval training? The idea is to exercise at different levels of intensity for a short periods of time, throughout the workout. However, the aim is to structure the workout to maximize work capacity by priming all energy production systems to optimize repeat max-force output, without inducing premature fatigue.

Subsequently, this approach will promote maximum fat utilization and calorie expenditure not only during but also, the hours after the workout.

How can you apply this information to ensure better results?

1.Follow the ICE training principles Focus on intensity not duration – between 15 – 25 minutes is perfect.

Move as much of your body as possible at all times.

Use a variety of effort levels – exceed thresholds of each energy production system.Don’t perform the same workout often, vary activity, duration & work intervals.

Do activities you’re not good at – you’ll burn more calories! Exercise outside when possible.

2. Ensure you are utilising the right intensity.
3. Use an Intensity Rating Scale to structure your workouts and ensure the correct intensity levels.