Boost your vitality and fight off illness with supplementation

By Dylan Willis Have you been thinking about adding nutritional supplements to your daily routine? With so many choices (and varying quality) on the market it is understandable to be confused about what step to take next. Well let us take the guess work out of this process for you by combining what we regard as the best supplements on the market to create our general wellness bundle. This is a great way to ‘dip your toe into the water’ of the supplement world and feel the instant benefits of good quality products. Comprising of a specifically designed Multi Vitamin, Omega 3 Fish Oils and Vitamin D, this bundle will give you broad spectrum of nutrients to instantly boost your vitality levels. Our general wellness bundle includes: Multi Intense: One nutrient deficiency can halt your progress altogether. Supplementing with a Multi Vitamin is essential for those who have experienced many years of inadequate nutrition but also for those individuals looking to round out a healthy diet. It is of upmost importance that your Multi Vitamin is of the highest quality and the nutrients are easily broken down and assimilated by the body. Our Multi is not only the most bioavailable on the market but has undergone stringent tests to ensure it is of medical grade quality. A big consideration when choosing a Multi Vitamin is iron content. Too much iron can create an oxidative stress effect on the body, whilst consideration must also be made to menstruating women who actually lose iron during their cycle. For this reason we have Multi Vitamins with and without iron. Omega 3 Fish Oils: The benefits of using Fish Oils are well known.
What is less well known is that not all Fish Oils are created equal. Benefits of supplementing with Fish Oils include: Decreased inflammation, improved brain function, fat loss and increased insulin sensitivity, improved cardiovascular health and lowered blood pressure to name a few. Choosing a poor quality Fish Oil product can actually have the adverse affects. Our Omega 3 Fish Oils are sourced from smaller deep water fish and filtered for toxic heavy metals. Another consideration when choosing which Fish Oils to use are the nutrient ratios of the product. For example, one with arthritis or joint pain for instance would need a Fish Oil high in EPA content to decrease inflammation, while a student studying for an exam would require a high DHA component to assist with brain and cognitive function. We have Fish Oils with varying ratios to meet all requirements. D3 Excellence: If arriving at the office in the dark hours of the morning only to leave as the sun sets in the evening sounds familiar to you then you may need Vitamin D. Naturally occurring in the body, Vitamin D in activated by exposure to the sunlight. The simple fact is most sedentary office workers do not produce enough vitamin D with the majority of the population being deficient. The issues associated by not addressing your Vitamin D levels include: Poor immune function, bone disorders such as osteoporosis and various muscular related issues. The other major benefit to addressing your Vitamin D levels includes the synergistic affect that Vitamin D has with other nutrients in the body. Recommended Dosages: (taken mid meal) Multi Intense: 1-3 caps per day Omega 3 Fish Oils: 6-12 caps per day D3 Excellence: 1 cap per day In my opinion, supplementation is a necessary part of living in the modern world. Unless you are living in a cave, catching wild meat, eating organic fruits and vegetables and drinking uncontaminated water there is a high chance you will be devoid of vital nutrients and be exposed to environmental toxins on a daily basis. Don’t leave your health to chance.