Personal Training

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60 Minute Personal Training

If you need accountability, motivation and expertise to achieve the best possible results, then 1 hour personal training is for you.  All of our dedicated trainers are highly qualified, experienced and passionate about helping their clients become the very best versions of themselves.

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30 Minute Personal Training

30 minute personal training works best for more advanced clients; those who know exactly what they want, and how to get it.  Warm up, stretching and cool down are done in your own time, which leaves the entire 30 minutes for a focussed, intense workout.  Not suitable for beginners.

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2 on 1 Personal Training

2 on 1 (60 minute) personal training is the perfect option for friends, family, or colleagues who want to share the journey towards better health and fitness.  This option works best for clients who are of a similar fitness level, and whose goals compliment each others.

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