Meet our Trainers

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Jeff English
Jeff EnglishTrainer
As a trainer Jeff knows what it takes to achieve sporting and fitness goals. Because of his history as an athlete Jeff has the skills to motivate and lead people to success. Clients say that his relaxed approach to training makes them feel comfortable during their sessions, whilst his competitive side pushes them to achieve their fitness goals. Seeing people change not only their body shape, but also their overall lifestyle is what Jeff enjoys most about training his clients. He gains immense satisfaction in knowing that he can guide people and drive them to realise their health and fitness ambitions.

I believe that looking good is only a small part of what a training program should deliver. I want my clients to not only look good but to feel good and function better. I take this holistic approach to training to help clients grow in strength and confidence, ultimately building a better life!

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Macgregor McNair
Macgregor McNairTrainer
Mac has gained some valuable international experience as a personal trainer. In the corporate-expat culture of Hong Kong, Mac was trained, certified and indoctrinated to the world of health and fitness coaching. It was here that Mac found his passion for helping people reach a better quality of life, and sustain it. Mac loves nothing more than to help guide/direct clients and friends towards a healthier and happier life. He has seen some amazing results through his clients’ progress in his career as a Personal Trainer, and only hopes to build on those experiences.

Mac understands that there are any number of limiting factors and proverbial mountains to climb in life, which make your health and fitness goals seem unachievable; he uses this understanding and empathy to help break down the barriers, and put one foot in front of the other towards a healthier, happier life.

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